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Top things you can do in Ipoh

Some of the top attractions at Ipoh...

Posted on 18 September 2018


Ipoh, the third largest city in Malaysia, is largely revered for being a food paradise as well as an emerging tourist hotspot for its stunning ecological and historical wonders. Blending perfectly the old and new worlds of Malaysia, you will never find yourself bored here in Ipoh. Explore head first with us in this historical (and flavourful), robust city!

Ipoh. Photo taken by: lonelyplanet


If you ask Malaysians what they think about Ipoh, the first thing that comes to mind is its delicious… FOOD. If you’re visiting Ipoh, you must try some of their legendary chicken! Ipoh Chicken Rice and Gai Si Hor Fun (Shredded Chicken Noodles) are the most famous Ipoh food.

Chicken. Photo taken by: rojakdaily

Some great places to try some authetic Ipoh dishes include Lou Wong, Ong Kee and Cowan Street. You’ll always see these restaurants packed with locals and tourists alike. The aromatic chicken is the smoothest you will ever taste!

Chicken hor fun. Photo taken by: seasaltwithfood

Admire Street Art

Street art in Ipoh is one-of-a-kind. Ernest Zacharevic is the artist that has so beautifully presented us these masterpieces and has led people on a trail of beautiful murals. The most famous pieces include the Kopi ‘O, Hummingbird, and the most popular Uncle holding a coffee cup. A must see!

Street art. Photo taken by: touristly

Airplanes. Photo taken by: touristly

Coffee. Photo taken by: malaysia-asia

Visit the Concubine Lane

Concubine Lane is a long and uneven street that was built in 1908. The history behind its odd name was literally taken the fact that Chinese Magnate and British officers had used this area to keep their own mistresses. Hence, the name, Concubine Lane.

Concubine Lane. Photo taken by: yelp

Today, this picturesque street is occupied by a bustling place  of food stalls, sales outlets, and mini street markets. The structures of the buildings are well kept from the olden days, hence, tourists come here to capture pictures and walk along this wonderfully historical street.

Photo taken by: tripadvisor

Explore the Lost World of Tambun

This family friendly attraction in Ipoh is like no other. It is the first theme park in all of South East Asia to have natural hot springs and a myriad of rides!

Tambun. Photo taken by: youtube

Their theme park also includes a water park, amusement park, hot springs and spa, and even a petting zoo. Lost World of Tambun can be the last stop of your Ipoh adventure, where you’ll be able to lounge around the hot springs after a long day of touring!

Photo taken by: goticket

Wet Activities at Gua Tempurung

This is more than just a typical walk in the cave. The gimmicks don’t last long because this attraction is so much more than what it seems. Walk through some 120m tall cave, or dive head first into some of the challenging wet activities! Experience a cave trail like no other – crawl in the dark with the beautiful overhead formations of stalagmite. There’s something for everyone, thrillseekers, and someone who’s experiencing caving alike, definitely give Gua Tempurung a visit!

Gua Tempurung. Photo taken by: attractionsinmalaysia

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