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Most Beautiful Universities in the World!

Beauty in education...

Posted on 21 September 2018


People travel from all over the world to visit and view some of the most historic and beautiful university campuses. So... we have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful universities in the world.

University of Bologna, Italy

The University of Bologna is the oldest university in the world. The university campus is therefore undoubtedly laden with historical architecture and art. Its campus buildings are constructed from red rock, while wood and stone carvings adorn the buildings and medieval towers. After exploring the squares around the university, cobblestoned streets will lead you to parts of the city where you will find beautiful vistas of the campus from above.

Via: italymagazine

University of Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, the campuses are thus extraordinarily historic and impactful. The historical architecture, and green spaces make this campus a truly awe-inspiring place. If you have the chance, visiting the Sheldonian Theater is a must. Built in 1688 by Sir Christopher Wren, this picturesque theatre will blow you away! Be sure to relish also at the numerous university gardens and arboretum.

Via: royce

University of Cambridge, UK

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, and estabished in the 13th century, University of Cambridge is one of the most famous academic institutions in the world. Its older colleges are set along the River Cam and is tradition for people to punt along the river to admire the stunning university buildins. English Gothic stone is detailed with carvings and stained-glass accents characterise the recognisable and stately campus at Cambridge. If you have the chance, a visit to the Bridge of Sighs in St. John’s College is a truly a landmark for its spectacular design and historical context.

via: wikipedia

Stanford University, USA

Located near Palo Alto in California, Stanford University can be found with its beauty of its combination of Romanesque Revival and Mission Revival-style architecture, as well as its pristine grounds on the 8,180-acre campus that includes a lake and woods lined with jogging trails. The university architecture is most notable and characterised by stone buildings connected by arcades and red tile roofs.

Via: stanford

Moscow State University, Russia

When you feast your eyes upon Moscow State University, you can marvel in the impressive size, scope, and structure of its campus. The main building is located on a hill above the Moskva River and is the tallest educational building in the entire world! Stalin had constructed it's one of seven  tiered skyscrapers which is still revered today. The tower is flanked by two wings, and the entire structure is illuminated at night.

Via: flickr

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Found set along the magnificent slopes of Devil’s Peak in Cape Town, South Africa, the University of Cape Town is the oldest university in the country. Red roofed building made of stone of this campus presents a dramatic contrast to the craggy peaks that tower above it. The spectacular landscape and architecture has earned the university much recognition as one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.

Via: rvc

Much we can learn!

Talking about learning, there is still much of this world we can learn from and explore! So, let's explore!

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