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TOP 5 Places to SHOP in Bangkok

Find your own shopping paradise...

Posted on 28 September 2018


Bangkok is dubbed as the wallet-friendly, shopping hub of Southeast Asia. With countless of things to buy at great prices, its variety and quality here that truly captures the hearts of shoppers at Bangkok. For those that had experienced shopping in Bangkok, they know well that window shopping in Bangkok is an unique experience in and of itself that is so special.

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The vibrance and excitement that comes with shopping here in both the malls and markets is a new experience every single time! So don’t miss out, bargain hard and shop to your heart's content here in some of the best places to shop in Bangkok.

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The Platinum Fashion Mall is easily one of the best places to buy wholesale clothes and accessories. A large diversity of fashion items that include anything you can put your mind to. Hats, clothes, handbags, belts, shoes and cosmetics - you name it. From kids to adult clothes, and for every occasion - workwear, evening wear, swimwear, sports, and costumes; this place truly has something for everyone!

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An impressive range of styles and fashionable clothes can be found here - fashion products from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China can all be found here. A street shopping mall, inside a mall. This fashion hub is very much like a street market in Bangkok - except for the fact that it is all indoors. So here you will surely enjoy the vibrance and feel of a street market in the confines of a comfortable mall setting.

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This is one of the largest markets in the WORLD. The land space is huge and covers over 35 acres of over 8000 stalls. You can shop for many unique items here selling products ranging from amazing handicrafts to beautiful antiques, ceramics, furniture, souvenirs, clothes and foods. All of which at great prices and uncompromising quality.

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This market is especially revered for its quality authentic Thai handicrafts and delicious, mouthwatering street foods on offer. Here, you can find delicious Thai favourites from 500 food stalls of fried chicken, crispy pancakes, fish cake and Thai coconut ice cream - simply heavenly.

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A shopping paradise for fans of the vintage-style. So if you love vintage things - you’ll find that place at the Warehouse Zone and Rod’s Antiques areas. We are very impressed by the variety and style of the products.

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As mentioned, vintage and antique is the name for this night market. Collectors can be sure to view showcases such as Rod’s Antiques section displaying things like French chandeliers, classic cars, motorbikes, cameras and kitsch furniture are all real things.

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Dazzling dining options can also be found here - street food stalls, as well as bars and restaurants that fill up the market in a lively and organic manner. The row of stalls provide for enjoyable and tasty food and drink. After an enticing night out here, having some street food of satay, crispy pancakes and coconut ice cream from food stalls is a perfect way to complete your night.

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A one stop-shop for all electronics. From computer hardware and software to techy gadgets, you name it! Undoubtedly, Pantip Plaza is the perfect place for anybody looking for new gadgets at jaw-dropping wholesale prices.

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For the best prices of clothes, Pratunam Market is hard to beat. Here you will find a massive variety available in the 4,000 stores all offering products at rock bottom prices.

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Find your own shopping paradise with us! Click here to find out more about Bangkok shopping! 


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