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15 November 2017, Wednesday

Packist X Seam ‘ Malaysia’s 30 Entrepreneurs Build A Home For Orang Asli’

Gopeng, Perak, 15th November 2017 - ‘Opening Minds, Changing Lives’ was the motto for the campaign organised by Packist X SEAM, that brought 30 entrepreneurs together with the purpose of building a home for orang asli Malaysia in just three days. The house was built for Wah Lindong’s family at Kampung Ulu Geruntum and is a new voluntourism package designed by Packist in collaboration with EPIC Homes in an initiative to give back to the underprivileged community.

With SEAM (Social Enterprise Association Malaysia) vision, network and partnership, we are able to popularize, assist and maintain the social enterprises in Malaysia. Whereby business profits are reinvested and achieve measurable social impact alongside financial return, SEAM encourages businesses to give back to the community. Entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and industries worked side-by-side, putting all their efforts into building a home following guidelines from the EPIC Master builder. A week before commencing construction, volunteers and sponsors attended EPIC’s first ever workshop conducted in Mandarin, in order to understand and learn all necessary building fundamentals and essential tools. Everyone worked hard with one goal in mind, and three days later, the building was erected.

“We can help the less fortunate by putting a proper roof over their heads so that they can concentrate on building a better life for their families. We encourage other corporations to undertake more of such CSR projects for vulnerable groups, like the Orang Asli. Hence, Packist, as an online e-travel platform, will provide voluntourism packages and engage programmes to support the communities we serve on our website for others who would like to volunteer and sponsor but never had the chance to do so," Ms. Jesnin Kee - CEO of Packist.

With EPIC’s Pay It Forward Programme, each family will participate in the building of their own homes. After that, they will build at least two more homes for their fellow villagers. Through this programme, we hope that the families will be able to take charge in the development of their villages.