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19 December 2017, Tuesday

Packist Anti-Ageing Beauty Retreat Workshop Packages Infiltrates Tourism Industry

Raub District, Pahang, 19th December 2017 - Surrounded and encompassed within the natural rainforests of Malaysia, a group of women from a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities gathered together to undergo an Anti-Ageing Beauty Retreat Workshop. The workshop was held by the revered and certified beautician Mary Wong.

Wong shared her knowledge about facial care, dermatological features, sensitivities and treatments, and also introduced some of the best skin-care products and remedies to be used for each individual, depending on their circumstances. Treatments to counter problems such as sagging skin or the wicked double-chin were also a hot topic of discussion for Wong. Wong explained of non-surgical methods including micro-needling, the use of the Dermapen and Lymphatic massage (used to push water retention from the face to the back of the head). Each participant also received the internationally renowned, South Korean based DIAPIA Beauty Kit.

‘I think it was a great mixture of not only understanding beauty, treatments, knowing my skin type, or understanding my facial problems (which had been with me for a long, long time). I was pleasantly surprised when the expert Mary quickly identified my problems and treated them effectively within the last two days. I made quite a number of good friends and seeing that each treatment and product can be customizable for each individual was an eye-opening experience for me.’ May from Singapore reviewed on her experience of the Anti-Ageing Beauty Retreat.

In addition to the workshop, the beauty retreat hosted exciting indoor and outdoor activities for the participants to enjoy. Activities such as Cliff-Jumping from 20 ft, Yoga classes, Fish-Spa Pedicures and indulging in the tastes of Musang King Durian was all experienced with great joy by the participants.