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02 September 2019, Monday


Kuala Lumpur, 2nd September 2019 - Packist, a Malaysian-based online travel platform, launched its much anticipated Packist Fair today, which will run until 12th September. Held in conjunction with MATTA Fair, the campaign offers travel enthusiasts up to 50% discounts on travel packages and attraction tickets all around the world.

Packist Fair features massive discounts for travel deals over 10 unique countries across the globe, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and so on. Travel lovers can lock in these great promotion prices now and travel later, as the travel period is valid until 31st March 2020. This campaign is a great opportunity for people to plan their year-end holiday trips and get early bird savings.

Most notably, Packist Fair is unlike any traditional travel conventions because it offers customers the convenience to book, plan and manage their holiday trips completely online. Experienced travel agents are also ready to serve customers through easily-accessible platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. As such, people need not attend overcrowded travel fairs to secure the best deals, and they can do so in the comforts of their own home or while on-the-go.

Bundled with premium accommodations that are rated 3 stars and above, Packist curates exclusive travel experiences that are ideal and affordable for different types of travellers with varying budgets. Solo travellers, couples and families pay less to get access to the best attractions and holiday experiences the world has to offer.

Furthermore, Packist also offers services in travel insurance, pocket WiFi and travel visa, making it easier for customers to organise their entire trip all on one versatile platform.

Note: Exclusive interviews with Ms. Jesnin Kee, Packist CEO, can be arranged via email or phone.