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Refund And Cancellation Policy

You are advised to reread carefully reread the Terms and Conditions in regards to how our website process your bookings, amendments to your tour itinerary or any cancellation of your bookings.

A. Travel Packages, Activities and Day Tours

Terms specified in this section shall apply only to products on website which are reasonably and commercially understood as a travel package, tour package, day tour package, hotel package, and/or  cruise package. Products reasonably understood as otherwise are subject only to section B, please see below.

1. You are required to:

(i) pay the tour purchase price in full; or

(ii) for packages below RM1000, pay the total tour package fees, including but not limited to any   relevant surcharges, additional fees and/or processing fees.

2. A deposit payment of 50% of the final purchase price shall be collected for tour packages priced above RM1000.00. The remaining 50% shall be paid no later than 30 days prior to the date of departure.

3. For any payments made using a Credit Card, 3% of the final payment price shall be charged as processing fee.

4. In the event you decide to cancel your trip, all booking deposits are forfeited.

5. Where cancellation of your booking is made within 35 days prior to the date of departure, 100% of your total payment shall be forfeited.

6. Where cancellation of your booking is made between 36 to 45 days prior to the date of departure, only 50% of total tour package fees shall be forfeited, the remaining, minus any third party processing fees shall be immediately repayable to you.

7. In the event of any kind of cancellations by the customer, any promotional codes or vouchers with monetary value used by the customer on the relevant booking shall be rendered null and void. No monetary value  shall be assigned to the relevant refund.

8. In the event that the customer requests for amendments to any booked trip itinerary, a surcharge of minimum RM200 shall be imposed. Any requested amendments are subject to availability by tour operators and their agents.

9. All refund shall be subject to currency fluctuation, where applicable. When processing any refund, reserves the right to opt for the currency value at:

(i) the date of the contract;

(ii) the date of commercial invoice;

(iii) the date of any payments; or

(iv) the date immediately prior to the processing of the relevant refund.

B. All Other Products

Terms specified under this section shall apply to products on website which are not reasonably and commercially understood as a travel package, tour package, day tour package, hotel package, and/or cruise package, excluding flight ticketing products and services. These include, but are not limited to, any pocket wifi products purchased through as an intermediary, any travel visa related services provided by in a non-advisory capacity.

1. A full refund, minus any third party fees or charges, will be provided. If the following conditions (clause 2-5) are met.


2. Prior to any action by taken on behalf of fulfillment of services owed to you.

3. Prior notice is given at least (1) one working day before any commencement of service, confirmation date, departure date or service date, whichever is deemed relevant and earlier.

4. All relevant products and services were not purchased on discount or on the basis of any promotion or promotional event.

5. All payments have been fully made and correctly invoiced to all relevant third parties or to

Failure to meet Conditions

6. In the event of any failure, depending on the severity of such failure or failure thereto, reserves all rights and full reasonable discretion to determine or deny all refunds or any part thereto.

7. Failure in notifying you of our decision to deny or determine any refunds or any part thereto does not in any way amount to a waiver of our rights specified under clause 6.